Building A Legacy

From Our Family To Yours

“Without my team believing in me, I would never be where I am.”

- Flor Garcia

Cold iced tea on a hot summer day. Crisp all-cotton linens to sink into at night. Family activities from sunup to sundown, and traditions to build with the ones you love. Since 1989, Cape Resorts has provided guests with the simple pleasures in life. And the guiding vision itself was simple: that people wanted a place that gave them the authentic charm of a bygone era with all the comforts and amenities of today.
That vision has turned into a promise that we work to uphold with every single check-in. But delivering on that promise takes work, consistency and commitment. A sense of duty. A call to serve. There have been so many stewards of these historic hotels and cottages. In many cases, the list of alumni extends far before 1989. So many General Managers throughout the years. So many groundskeepers and housemen. So many front desk agents, housekeepers and hosts.
Today, we’re proud to work with a team of over 1,000 hospitality professionals. Many are here for just a season or two, as summer jobs tend to go. But some—lucky for us— are here for much longer, building their careers with Cape Resorts.
In this article, we get to know a few individuals with whom we’ve had the honor to build a legacy.

Director of housekeeping, Flor Garcia posing for a picture.

Flor Garcia



Where does your story begin with Cape Resorts?
My story begins at the Virginia Hotel. I started as a Laundry Attendant there in 2006. It was my first job in the United States. I later became a Housekeeper, working at both the Virginia Hotel and the Sandpiper Beach Club. After some time, I started a new position at Congress Hall as a Turn Down Attendant.

Today, you’re the Director of Housekeeping at Congress Hall. What was your career path like?
I built my career at Congress Hall. I was promoted to Laundry Supervisor of the P.M. Shift, and then to Morning Supervisor, and finally to my current role, Director of Housekeeping, which I’ve held since 2018. I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given. Without my team believing in me, I would never be where I am.

We know you have a few family members who work at Cape Resorts as well! Could you talk a little bit about them?
Yes I do! My aunt Refugio has been working at the Virginia Hotel for 22 years as a Housekeeper, and her daughter (my cousin) Abi is in charge of Housekeeping at the Virginia as well. Abi’s daughter Ty also works at the Virginia in the Ebbitt Room and also helps her mom with some housekeeping duties. My cousin-in-law, Lila, runs the Housekeeping Department at the Beach Shack. Lastly, my son Edgar recently joined the Blue Pig Tavern team!

What are some of your favorite memories with Cape Resorts?
When I was pregnant with my daughter, my coworkers gave me a surprise baby shower. You could tell it was a surprise because I was still in my housekeeping uniform! It was so thoughtful.
I’ve always appreciated the connections I’ve made here with my coworkers. As I grew my career as a supervisor and director, I’ve always tried to keep that same feeling: of us all being a team, working toward a shared goal. There are so many people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Some of them are still around from long before me. Seeing all these people grow and have children and watching their kids grow up is amazing to experience. We spend a lot of time at work, and some “work” friends become friends outside of work! Those connections mean so much.

What excites you the most about your future with Cape Resorts?
I see the company is growing a lot more, which excites me because that gives me the opportunity to grow. I can see myself here long into the future and retiring someday from Cape Resorts.

Virginia Hotel GM, Billy Scott posing for a picture

Billy Scott



Where does your story begin with Cape Resorts?
Growing up in Pennsylvania, my family always vacationed in Cape May, eventually spending our full summers here. I had been working since I physically could, starting as a junior intern at The Nature Center of Cape May during the summers at the age of 13, and teaching snowboarding lessons during the winter in York, PA.
Once I turned 16 back in 2003, I was ready to make an actual paycheck, and secured a job as a host at The Blue Pig Tavern. I found out quickly that an evening restaurant team that was really like a family (a successful family at that). It was like nothing I had experienced before in other disciplines, and it continued to bring me back year over year. I continued at The Blue Pig Tavern, as a server, into my college years, eventually transitioning to The Rusty Nail a year after they opened. I worked at The Rusty Nail for many years bartending and, eventually, managing the bar. It was a home I continued to come back to.
After finishing my Master’s Degree in Marine Biology, I came back to The Nail for “one more summer” before I looked for a job in my field. That “one more summer” eventually became a career path taking me back to Congress Hall and on to The Virginia Hotel where I’m the General Manager today!

We’re sure a few guests reading this will recognize you from your time at The Rusty Nail! Could you talk about your experience there?
The Rusty Nail... what’s not to like?! I spent almost 10 years at The Nail. Working directly across from the beach, in a T-shirt and shorts— with a handful of your best friends— truly made for a great working environment. Constantly meeting new people, welcoming back guests and friends alike, getting as busy as humanly possible and somehow making it happen... great memories there.

What brought you to The Virginia Hotel?
I joined the team at The Virginia Hotel as the Director of Food and Beverage in March, 2021. I had previously spent a winter as the Maître d’ of The Brown Room at Congress Hall following the seasonal closing of The Rusty Nail. I had known a few of the team members of The Ebbitt Room for many years, so the transition to The Virginia was relatively easy—but it did come with its challenges. Fine dining was new territory for me, and to top it all off, COVID restaurant protocols were changing weekly! However, I was quickly able to get into a rhythm, familiarize myself with our patrons’ dining habits, and think outside the box to develop new dining concepts. I was blessed to have the opportunity to come to The Ebbitt Room and have the opportunity to run the best restaurant in Cape May—a restaurant with such a long history of fine dining—and to become a part of The Virginia family.

A happy bartender pouring a glass of beer from the draft

We profiled Billy Scott in the 2018 edition of our Concierge Magazine. Returning guests will remember his smile as he tended bar at The Rusty Nail, and now, he brings his energy and professional experience to the Virginia!

What are some of your favorite memories with Cape Resorts?
My time spent at The Rusty Nail allowed me to form some of the best friendships I have ever had in my life. For years, the staff at The Rusty Nail was truly a family. We worked together every day, and hung out together every night. Those years were filled with memories and friendships I will have for life.

What excites you the most about your future with Cape Resorts?
Cape Resorts has been a home to me for many, many years and I look forward to continuing to grow along with the company. If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout the years, no matter what the circumstances, it’s this: Company’s coming, every day of the week, 24 hours a day! I look forward to welcoming new and returning guests for many years to come.

Owner and Broker of Record, Charity Clark posing for a picture

Charity Clark



When did your story begin with Cape Resorts?
It begins with Congress Hall. My mother managed the Dining Room there from 1979 to 1982! I was a young girl and played hide and seek in every corner of the hotel. I remember spending days on the beach with my cousins, getting covered with sand and running across the street to jump in the pool, while the lifeguard would yell at us for not rinsing off.
As a teenager, I started working here, learning a work ethic while having the best time of my life. I learned that the harder I worked, the more satisfied my customers were, and the more often they returned. When I finished work and roamed this town, the sounds of the shore, the smells of the sea air and the views became part of who I am. If you have to leave, you are always drawn to come back.

Flash forward to the present: you’re the Owner and Broker of Record of Cape Resorts Realty. How did you get to where you are today?
After I graduated from college, I thought I would take a year off before graduate school. I thought I would “try” real estate for the education experience. I never left. My college friends scoffed at me for not going to a big city, I laughed back as I bought my first beach house at age 23 with a 3-minute commute, and the only traffic slow down was if I got behind a horse and carriage. I tutored under three wonderful, tough real estate women, Christina Clemans, Suzanne Webb and Grayce Kelleher. I listened to everything they said and how they negotiated complex transactions. I did all the coffee and chip runs so they would show me the ropes. Within a few years, I was one of the top island agents.

What made you want to partner with Cape Resorts in your venture?
I have always been part of the Cape Resorts Family. It was a family reunion coming back to Congress Hall. Cape Resorts is about creating exceptional experiences. Owning real estate at the shore is an extension of that goal. Making memories with family and loved ones and taking the time to create bonds is what Cape May has done for generations for those who spend time here. It has been a privilege to bring my craft to the Cape Resorts guests and the Cape May community.

We have it on good authority that you’re no stranger to the stage! In fact, you’ve participated in a few Congress Hall Dinner Theater productions, including our Bicentennial Birthday Dinners in 2016, and a few of our holiday spectaculars.
Yes indeed! It’s always a delightful experience to join the cast of characters (literally!) at Congress Hall. When someone gives you a mic and stage and asks you to join, you have to say yes. And my family are certainly holiday enthusiasts. Singing and spreading laughter and cheers is magic to my soul!

What are some of your favorite memories with Cape Resorts?
Taking a picture of a smiling family behind a sold sign. The best part is knowing you are helping clients make smart financial decisions to boost their real estate portfolio. Real estate is one of the best investments one can make with the benefit of real-time enjoyment.

What excites you the most about your future with Cape Resorts?
Cape Resorts is renowned for its hospitality and service. Cape Resorts Realty Group is a boutique real estate office that provides a service appealing to more discriminating clients. We assist clients in navigating the challenges of every market so they acquire not just a home but a strong financial asset. It is a privilege to be part of a growing, vibrant company welcoming those that want to make Cape May a more permanent home. Cape Resorts opens the door for our residents, and we give them the keys.