Stories: Congress Hall

Remembering Memorial Day

Cape May Congress Hall

It’s a little before noon on the last Monday of May. Sunburnt parents stuff sandy beach buckets into the trunk...

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A Wonderful Gift

Cape May Christmas Congress Hall

It’s that time of year when we are making lists, checking them twice, looking for the perfect gift to wrap in pretty paper and place under the tree for loved...

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Imagining The Third Century

Cape May Congress Hall

It’s a Wednesday night in mid-June. Restaurants along Washington Street...

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A Message to the Future

Congress Hall History cape may

We didn’t always know about Congress Hall’s history. Its hard to imagine now; the walls are filled with old photos...

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Tommy's Folly Turns 200

Tommy's Folly Cape May Congress Hall History

In 1816 the United States was a mere forty years old. The son of a...

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An Interview with Crumpet

Cape May Congress Hall Christmas

They can be found everywhere: from the North Pole to the Island of Misfit Toys. From Macy’s 34th Street department...

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Congressional Independence Day

Cape May Congress Hall History

It’s a hot summer afternoon in Cape May. Early in...

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Safe at Home

Beach History Congress Hall Cape May

The word ‘home’ often times evokes images of comfort and...

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Presidential Vacations

Cape May History Congress Hall

To those who weathered the cold winter months this past year, summertime means one thing:...

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