Stories: Beach Plum Farm

Welcome Home

Cape May Beach Plum Farm

When Curtis Bashaw and his partner Will Riccio acquired the land that is now Beach Plum Farm in 2007 the vision was to grow food for the Cape restaurants and...

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Building Traditions

Cape May History Beach Plum Farm

One of the beautiful things about the climate of Cape May is that it is always changing. On summer days,...

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Farm Fresh Eggs

Beach Plum Farm Cape May

If you are like most Americans, the last subscription you probably bought was to a magazine. With the advent of...

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Love Thy Pig

beach plum farm nature

The Royal Pig: The porkers at Beach Plum Farm are called Berkshire pigs, which were once upon a time raised...

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Hail to Kale

Beach Plum Farm Food Cape May

There is a warm breeze passing on the veranda. The rocking chairs face the perfect view of an early summer...

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Cilantro aka Coriander

Blue Pig Tavern Beach Plum Farm Food Cape May

Through the hot and humid days of this summer, the...

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