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Stories: Congress Hall

Eyes On The Sky

Falconry Nature Congress Hall The Rusty Nail Cape May

Let’s set the scene: You’ve just taken your seat in the garden of the Blue Pig Tavern. Calamari has just arrived to complement your cocktail. Then, they arrive. Circling above,...

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Winter Wonderland Congress Hall Carousel Easter

Animals feature prominently in the work of artist Penny Beck. She’s made her name via a collection of quirky portraits featuring a kaleidoscopic range of creatures, from pigeons and foxes...

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Seeing the Magic

congress hall cape may

THE BIG HOUSE BY THE SEA It was the end of April, five weeks into the coronavirus lockdown, and all of us at Cape Resorts were looking for inspiration and...

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A Day in the Life of Dave

Cape May gardening Congress Hall

" For a horticulturist, there are many places to work, but there aren’t too many gardens on the beach, and none like this. " People come up to me during...

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A Message to the Future

Congress Hall History cape may

We didn’t always know about Congress Hall’s history. Its hard to imagine now; the walls are filled with old photos dating back to the 1840s. There are books with pages of comprehensive facts, colorful illustrations, and definitive dates that put...

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Presidential Vacations

Cape May History Congress Hall

To those who weathered the cold winter months this past year, summertime means one thing: vacation. From little tykes finishing their first year of school, to the President of the United States, everyone is looking forward to a well-deserved break...

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The Congress Hall March

cape may history congress hall

All the way back in 1882, John Philip Sousa wrote “The Congress Hall March”...

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Cape Resorts' Legendary Mascot, Blue

Blue Pig Tavern Congress Hall Cape May

You’re a very busy pig, Blue...

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