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Stories: Beach Plum Farm

The Culture of Cultivation

Beach Plum Farm Sustainable Organic Agreculture Cultivation

The smell of the sweet morning air radiates through the haze as the sun rises over the horizon and droplets of morning dew form on the leaves of kale, chard...

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Guided Farm Tours

Beach Plum Farm Video Guided Tours

Join our farmer for an in-depth hour long walking tour of Beach Plum Farm. We will start in the kitchen garden and wrap our way through the history of our...

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Setting The Table

Food & Wine Beach Plum Farm

Pathways of shells and shrubs surrounding garden beds of chives, rosemary and thyme greet you upon arrival at Beach Plum Farm. Flourishing beds of lemon verbena and sage weave through...

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Rhythms of Summer

Beach Plum Farm Video Summer

From the fields comes the splendor of a new summer on the farm. Bright beachside days blend into cozy farm cottage nights—where campfires, bicycle rides, fresh food and dips in...

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Spread Joy & Follow the Sun

beach plum farm cape may video

Read about Beach Plum Farm's first Flower Flash, from first harvest to final installation touches. Inspired by the work of NYC-based designer Lewis Miller, our Flower Flash was a chance to spread joy around Cape May.

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Farm Fresh Eggs

Beach Plum Farm Cape May

If you are like most Americans, the last subscription you probably bought was to a magazine. With the advent of all sorts of new technological devices that allow you to carry several magazines on one tiny computer in the palm...

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Hail to Kale

Beach Plum Farm Food Cape May

There is a warm breeze passing on the veranda. The rocking chairs face the perfect view of an early summer morning in Cape May. Delicious varieties of freshly squeezed juice are ready to enjoy, with ingredients grown just a mile...

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Cilantro aka Coriander

Blue Pig Tavern Beach Plum Farm Food Cape May

Through the hot and humid days of this summer, the greenhouse at Beach Plum Farm has protected the cooler weather plants in the heat of the scorching sun. In the winter time, the greenhouse serves to protect plants from the...

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