A Day in the Life of Dave

Cape May gardening Congress Hall

" For a horticulturist, there are many places to work,...

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The Kitchen Garden

Food Nature Gardening Cape May Video

There are a lot of breathtaking places in Cape May. Sunset Beach and the Cove are pretty popular. Tucked away on Stevens Street in West Cape May, the entrance to...

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Happy Anniversary, Virginia

cape may the virginia history

I have been checking guests in and out of hotel rooms for half of my life. It was 30 years ago, on June 2, 1989,...

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Welcome Home

Cape May Beach Plum Farm

When Curtis Bashaw and his partner Will Riccio acquired the land that is now Beach Plum Farm in 2007 the vision was to grow food for the Cape restaurants and...

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Your Story Begins Here

Cape May Wedding

"Once upon a time in Cape May…” That’s how many a love story begins. There’s no doubt that there's something special about this place that...

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Changing Tides

Cape May Beach Nature

How are you used to seeing Cape May? Most catch their first glimpse of the island as they kiss the Parkway goodbye and ascend to the top of the bridge....

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You Say Tomato

Cape May Gardening Food

In 1968, a professor at Rutgers University, Dr. Bernard Pollack, released a hybrid variety tomato that gained popularity for its resistance to cracking....

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Remembering Memorial Day

Cape May Congress Hall

It’s a little before noon on the last Monday of May. Sunburnt parents stuff sandy beach buckets into the trunk...

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The Garden State

Gardening Cape May

On a typical morning in Cape May, vacationers lazily roll out of bed. The smell of bacon fills the air from local restaurants. The beach quickly fills up with brightly...

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