Introducing Pizza in the Boiler Room

Food Cape May Boiler Room

Congress Hall’s Boiler Room has been the epicenter of night...

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Dishes and Holloware

Blue Pig Tavern Cape May

When Congress Hall was renovated in 2001, an excavation of the foundation produced a true find - a box that...

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Learning to Look in Cape May

Cape May Beach Birding

Cape May is one of the world’s most famous birding...

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A Chat with Jimmy Burton

Food Cape May

Has cooking always been a part of your life? I...

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Jazz Man

Ebbitt Room Cape May Music

“There’s something special here,” says Paul Sottile, the house piano...

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Cape May Diamonds

beach cape may history

In the 1880's as Congress Hall enjoyed its return to...

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Best in Show

Rusty Nail Cape May Pets

Every day hundreds of people pass through the sands of...

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In The Columns

Cape May Congress Hall History

Along the columns that mark the entrance to Congress Hall...

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Cape Resorts' Legendary Mascot, Blue

Blue Pig Tavern Congress Hall Cape May

You’re a very busy pig, Blue...

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