A Wonderful Gift

Cape May Christmas Congress Hall

It’s that time of year when we are making lists, checking them twice, looking for the perfect gift to wrap in pretty paper and place under the tree for loved...

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What's Cookin'? The Autumn Recipe Story

Cape May Food Ebbitt Room

It’s one of those early fall days in Cape May. As the sun comes up (a little later...

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Imagining The Third Century

Cape May Congress Hall

It’s a Wednesday night in mid-June. Restaurants along Washington Street...

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The Gift to Come

Cape May Music History

“Ukuele” translates to become the phrase “The gift to come.” This four-stringed, tiny guitar has become as synonymous with the sound of the Hawaiian Islands...

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Suites by the Sweets

Cape May Food

At 5:30pm every day in the summertime, the lifeguards on Cape May Beach pull their rescue boats up on the sand, far away from the incoming tide. The final whistle...

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Show People

Cape May Music

On February 19TH, Myra Vassian will be joined by some of her friends from New York for a Musical Theatre Sing- Along in Congress Hall’s Grand Ballroom. Myra...

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Spring Egg Rolls

Cape May Food Holidays

American traditions are abundant. Hot dogs at baseball games, and fireworks on the Fourth of July. Even holidays that are celebrated the world over come...

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A Fowl Tradition

History Thanksgiving Cape May Ebbitt Room Food

In millions of households across America this Thanksgiving, a similar scene will play out. It may be some sort of...

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The Kitchen Gardens

Food Nature Gardening Cape May

There are a lot of breathtaking places in Cape May. Sunset Beach and the Cove are pretty popular. Tucked away on Stevens Street in West Cape May, the entrance to...

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