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The Cape Resorts Magazine

Welcome to Concierge, the Cape Resorts magazine that celebrates the history, culture, imagery and personalities that make our family of seaside properties so remarkable and vibrant. Here, we'll share content that goes beyond the traditional vacation. Readers can expect deep dives into stories, articles, interviews, artwork, photos, videos and much more. From the columns of Congress Hall in Cape May to the docks of The Pridwin on Shelter Island, we have so many stories to tell—and we invite you to share in them with us. ✯


Cilantro aka Coriander

Blue Pig Tavern Beach Plum Farm Food Cape May

Through the hot and humid days of this summer, the greenhouse at Beach Plum Farm has protected the cooler weather plants in the heat of the scorching sun. In the winter time, the greenhouse serves to protect plants from the...

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