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Shhhhh….. Cape May’s Best Kept Secret

There’s a breeze in Cape May these days. A very distinct sort of breeze that is felt during the fall. It comes in the morning, as the sun is just starting to extend its rays over the horizon. The first ring of light over the water signals to the seagulls and sandpipers that it’s time to wake up. On Beach Plum Farm, activity is starting to take place. At day break the chickens and piglets will want breakfast soon. In the cottages at Beach Plum Farm guests continue to rest, or they may decide to wake up and stretch their arms as the sun stretches its rays, in order to catch a bit of that distinct breeze that is felt on a crisp fall morning in Cape May. After all, there is a delicious breakfast to be had followed by a day of adventure.

A fall afternoon in Cape May can vary, but it’s usually a seasonal sixty five degrees with a warm breeze off the water. You won’t need the sweater you were wearing this morning, but you may want to keep it with you for the evening. While Sunset Beach gained its name and popularity for the beauty of dusk, the afternoon is also a great time to explore all of the hidden corners of the southern part of the island. One of the most beautiful, best kept secrets around these parts is Davey’s Lake. Hidden in the marshes along Higbee’s Beach, Davey’s Lake was formed from a freshwater creek. Its history dates back to 1905, when the Cape May Sand company built a plant on the spot. Five years later, when the Panama Canal was under construction and the hard sand of Higbee’s was needed to build heavy locks for the canal, an area 300 yards long and 90 yards wide was dug out. As a result, a fresh water spring was struck, and the lake was formed. Over its hundred year history it’s served as a munition testing sight, a magnesite plant, and the backdrop to countless romanticized adolescent memories. Guests may request a guided excursion, where they can learn all about the flora and fauna, and experience breath-taking views of this little-known oasis.

As the tide comes in, the waves on Sunset Beach lap over piles of unassuming stones. Visitors snap pictures of the sunken ship, and pick through tiny rocks, searching for Cape May Diamonds. The Lenni-Lenape Native Americans believed that these stones had supernatural powers, and today they are cleaned, tumbled, and turned into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine the difference between a Cape May Diamond and other stones. On a Cape May Diamond excursion, our expert tour guides will help you find these translucent stones that have been made famous the world over.

Weekends at Beach Plum Farm are a celebration of the season. A tractor ride takes guests to the back fields to pick pumpkins, while a pig roast provides pulled pork sandwiches. Wash it down with an ice cold beer and enjoy live music. Little ones will enjoy running through the open fields and playing games, while grown-ups will appreciate the delicious food and idyllic setting. Guests at the Cottages at Beach Plum Farm may also enjoy gathering eggs, or helping with the harvest of seasonal vegetables.

Years ago, Labor Day brought with it a slew of post-summer blues. Today, guests and visitors know of the wonders of Cape May in the fall. Just because the calendar says it’s October and the temperatures are starting to dip, it doesn’t mean that Cape May’s charm dips with it. If anything, there’s even more charm to experience. The gingerbread houses flanked with bright red and orange trees. The roaring, bright blue clear surf, set against the background of a glowing orange sunset. The quiet, contemplative scenery of the farm, with the crisp autumn breezes that signal a new chapter. A fresh beginning.

The cottages at Beach Plum Farm are the ideal place to stay to experience all that the fall has to offer in Cape May. Aside from waking up to the smell of cedar trees mixed with fresh coffee, guests will enjoy attending one excursion of their choice each day. Packages include a Saturday evening farm to table dinner, where you can join other farm guests at our communal table lit by twinkle lights, set with beautiful flowers and the season’s freshest harvest. Breakfast is provided each morning. It’s up to you whether you’d like to enjoy breakfast in the barn café, a continental breakfast delivered to your door, or a fridge stocked with the fixings to whip up eggs, bacon and more at your leisure.

There’s a lot of great places to escape to in the fall. New England has come to be known as a hot spot for bright fall foliage. But the leaves change colors at the southern tip of New Jersey- even later than spots further north. Consider a Cape May escape this season, and discover what so many have come to know as one of the most beloved times of the year at the southern tip of New Jersey.