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St. Paddie’s: The John Byrne Band

Performing in the Boiler Room of Congress Hall

Mar 16 9:30 pm to 1:30 pm

The JOHN BYRNE band joins us again the Friday of St. Paddie’s Day weekend in the Boiler Room for our annual celebration! With gorgeous music that beautifully blends folk and Americana with a lovely Irish resonance–you won’t want to miss this year’s celebration with John and his talented band.

Click here to see this band performing at the World Cafe in Philadelphia:  The John Byrne Band

Performing in the Boiler Room of Congress Hall:

  • Friday, March 16th

“One of the few musical artists today who truly manage to be traditional and modern at the same time.” –Philadelphia Inquirer

“Folk music, all the way through, and at its very best…traditional and original songs, each one as amazing as the one before. I tell you frankly that I wept salty tears, brought on by both the subject matter of the lyrics and the intensity of the delivery.” Album Review – Celtophilia.com 

“A happy alchemy of American country, blues and Irish folk songs – introspective songs of joy, love and heartache, telling of experiences and journeys…” AmericanaUK