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Matt DiVenti

Matt DiVenti

Performing in the Brown Room of Congress Hall

Apr 13th & 29th; May 12th & 25th Evening

No stranger to the local music scene, Matt DiVenti has been performing in the Philadelphia and South Jersey circuit for over a decade. His sets feature a mix of crowd-pleasing covers and bright original tunes full of cool and inviting vibes! Matt provides a fun, laid-back, and professional atmosphere for any event, venue, or occasion.  His acoustic stylistics and familiar voice are a perfect hybrid of modern day favorites like Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars, to the classics like the Rolling Stones and Steve Miller, and all the way back to the greats like Bill Withers, Sam Cooke and Stevie Wonder!

Performing in the Brown Room of Congress Hall:

  • Apr 13th (8 to 12 mid)
  • Apr 29th (7 to 11PM)
  • May 12th (3 to 7pm)
  • May 25th (8 to 12 mid)
  • Jul 13th (8 to 12 mid)
  • Aug 3rd (8 to 12mid)
  • Aug 24th (8 to 12 mid)
  • Sep 7th (8 to 12 mid)